Societies thrive on order, and the Rating System is the ultimate symbol of organized social mobility.

The higher it soars, the more valued you are. The lower it plummets, the harder you must work to improve yourself. For the students at the prestigious Maplethorpe Academy, every single thing they do is reflected in their ratings, updated daily and available for all to see.

But when an act of vandalism sullies the front doors of the school, it sets off a chain reaction that will shake the lives of six special students – and the world beyond.


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    THE WHEEL OF TIME1x08 | The Eye of the World

    THE WHEEL OF TIME1x08 | The Eye of the World


    THE WHEEL OF TIME1x08 | The Eye of the World

    « Reporting for duty, commander

    « Reporting for duty, commander


    « Reporting for duty, commander. I’m coming with you. »

    Very impressed with Kotallo. Such a charismatic and intelligent side character, and I was pleasantly surprised when he expressed his desire to join Aloy’s team. Now his is one of my favorite character of the game!

    please commission me if you… [more]

    kathony tags part 4

    kathony  tags part 4


    kathony + tags part 4